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Java User Group München

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Sofern bei der Veranstaltung nichts anderes angegeben ist:
Zeit: Beginn 19:00 (Einlass i. d. R. ab 18:30)
Ort: Hotel Eden-Wolff, Arnulfstraße 4, 80335 München

Siehe auch Meetup https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Java-User-Group-Munchen-JUGM/

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Einlass 19:00 - Beginn 19:15

Tezcan Dilshener


Radically speed up developers in finding software errors

It is known that developers spend up to 60-80% of their time on searching for relevant code files during maintenance tasks.
• Given the observation of a bug, e.g. via a bug report, where is it located in the source code?

We invented a completely new search algorithm and offer it as a fully automated pluggable tool named ConCodeSe.
• Given an error report, it suggests (in ranked order, like a web search engine) which source code files may need to be fixed

On average we find one or more affected source files in the top-10 ranked files for 76% of the bug reports.
• 1 out 1: 44%
• 1 out of 5: 69%
• 1 out of 10: 76%

Above performance may translate to reduced time and cost to correct errors, for example:
• 3 days to fix a bug, more than 1 day of savings
• 3 x 8hrs = 24hrs – 44% = 10 hours >= 1 day (8hrs)

These savings may also bring emotional benefits for developers, such as:
• Improved confidence and productivity of new or outsourced staff who are not familiar with the codebase
• Automated integration with Jira bug tracker and existing IDEs like Eclipse

ConCodeSe benefits most the companies that use Jira software to manage their complex application's life cycle processes, especially when high developer turnover may exit. Additionally, due to low internal costs, it provides competitive advantage when writing best price RFP offerings.

During this presentation, I will show a few slides on how the tool is originated and what it does, then do an online demo followed by reporting the two proof of concept studies performed in different customers where the tool is currently in use.



Olaf Meyer

Java Debugging in Kubernetes


Alexander Reelsen

Running a Serverless Lucene Reverse Geocoder

Java? In a serverless environment?

This hands-on presentation shows the possibility of running a reverse geocoder based on lucene in such an environment. The talk features the serverless framework, lucene geo capabilities using points and shapes, graalvm, AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Run.


Stefan Wolf

Developer Productivity Engineering




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Am 12.07.2012 fand mit ca. 40 Teilnehmern das Gründungstreffen der Softwerkskammer München statt. Link siehe unten.

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